7 Legit Ways To Earn Free Bitcoin

Welcome to today's video we're going to be looking at seven legitimate sites, where you can go and earn free bitcoin, so, whether you're already into bitcoin or whether you want to know how you can go and start and get some free bitcoin, then watch this video right to the very end.

I shall be counting down my top seven sites where you can go and earn and we're gonna be starting at number seven right now. 

Number 7 Binance

Okay, so my number seven in my ratings would be a site called Binance. This is a trading platform where you can buy and sell Crypto, but also when you have got an account, you can basically refer other people and and earn a percentage of what they invest too. So that is a good way, obviously of starting out.

How you can actually go and earn some free bitcoin, so this is why this is my number seven. That's the only way really you can actually earn on here.

You can obviously trade and you can do various other different things. You can check that out in this video here I made recently, which is a more in-depth review of Binance, and there are seven different ways you can actually make money with Crypto on Binance, but the only way you can do it for free is, basically by referring others to Binance.

Number 6 Coinbase

So number six in the list is another one very similar website, and that is Coinbase

Now the difference with Coinbase to Binance is you can actually earn bitcoin for free on Coinbase, just by watching some videos and tutorials all about bitcoin. You will get paid for watching those videos which are only a few minutes long and you can earn up to, about a hundred dollars worth of bitcoin in a very short period of time.

Watch my beginners video on how to earn Bitcoin on Coinbase here

So make sure you check out Coinbase as my number six recommendation for earning bitcoin for free.

So we move on.

Number 5 Timebucks

We move on to number five and my number five site would be a site called Timebucks.

This is a site where you get paid for doing micro tasks for answering surveys, playing games installing apps, even for posting on Facebook. You can earn money and gift cards as well, but they do pay out Bitcoin too.

So again, it's quite a good site for earning Bitcoin and why its my number five is obviously because it's very simple to do, and very quick.

But, the amount that you would actually be earning could be very, very small, so you would have to obviously take quite a lot of these surveys over time to build up your Bitcoin before you can withdraw.

Check out my full Timebucks review here

So counting down and we're going onto number Four, and that is another site very similar to Timebucks.

Number 4 Feature Points

Feature Points works is very very similar yo Timebucks, you earn rewards on your phone or on the web for just taking surveys, getting cash back and playing games.

I've made a couple of videos on Feature Points, including a video on how I pulled out money with Feature Points.

It's very easy to do, and the reason why I put it slightly higher than Timebucks is that, basically, it's a lot easier to get people into Feature Points, and you can earn from other people that come in underneath you on your referral link, so it's a far easier way to earn points as a passive income system. 

You don't have to earn all the points yourselves. You can actually get other people to come in, take the surveys and then you will get 50 of the points that they earn as well. So that's why I've put it slightly higher than the time bucks.

But again you can pull out and you can earn bitcoin for free to get started so another great site which is totally legit.

So now we're going into my top three sites drum roll please...

Number 3 Crypto Tab Browser

The third one I'm gonna actually tell you about is called Crypto Tab Browser.

Crypto Tab Browser is basically a browser which you can download to your desktop or your mobile. It means that every time you browse you're internet you are actually creating and mining your Bitcoin so straight away, this makes it very passive.

So that's why it's high up on my list and also you can actually earn down various different levels too. If you refer people to your first level, they refer people to a second level and you earn all the way down the levels for quite a few levels.

So again, it's quite an easy way.

Once it works, and you get quite a few people involved in it. Then you can earn Bitcoin fairly quickly and obviously it's earned passively in the background. So you don't really have to go and do anything once you set it up.

Again it's free to download and you can then start mining your free Bitcoin. So that's Crypto Tab Browser again check out a video I've done on that recently, so you could go into it in more depth.

Number 2 Idle Empire

We're down now to my top two and the first one I've actually only joined just recently, that is a site called Idle Empire and again it's very simple to do.

You actually earn free skins, games, gift cards or Cryptocurrencies and the reason why I've got this quite high. Is you actually get 500 points just for signing up for a free account.

You start off really easily and then you can actually refer other people and get 50 points per referral, plus you can do small tasks, and you can earn big points with doing just these tasks and again I've done a video just recently so check out that video right now and then you can go into that in more depth, but it's very, very simple, and why it's high on my list and why it's number 2 on my list.

The limit for withdrawing is very low. It's only a thousand points where you can start withdrawing Bitcoin. So again it's easily maintainable and you can do it very quickly.

We've now come to that time, where my number one way of earning free Bitcoin.

Number 1 Honeygain 

Honeygain and again the reason why this is my top on my list is it's basically passive income?

You don't have to do anything and basically this is similar to Crypto, Tab and then it'll work in the background. You just download this to your windows, your pc, your mac and you can do mobile as well.

You can have up to three devices working simultaneously with this and basically, it takes your excess internet and then pays you for taking that excess internet. So you really need to have an unlimited internet on your provider, and then this will work brilliantly and all you do is literally download it to your desktop, I've got mine working away in the background.

As you see, in the video above I've gathered 33 points today and it pays out when you hit 20 000 points. If you sign up and you register, you get five dollar gift and what that basically means is you're going to get 5000 points straight away as soon as you register.

You can go and check Honeygain out, and I'd certainly have a look at all of these as they are all certainly great for earning free Bitcoin.

Some of them, such as the Crypto Tab, and Honeygain even to a degree, Feature Points once you actually signed up, you could refer others and earn Bitcoin passively as well, so a lot of them actually work in the background for you once you've actually signed up for them.

So there we are.

There are seven legit sites where you can go and earn free Bitcoin and start your Cryptocurrency portfolio and, once you then build those up, you could then go back to the site called Binance, and then you could obviously go and trade what you actually earned and make it into even more Bitcoin.

I trust you found this article and video, interesting and useful, if you did check out more videos on my YouTube channel and articles on my blog.

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