Timebucks Review

In today's article, we're going to be giving a TimeBucks review.

Time Bucks is a survey site, a mini task site should we say, and basically, you get paid to post on Tic Toc, to view funny slideshows, play games, install apps, complete captures post on Instagram, and answer surveys.

So all those things that you can actually do to get paid now. This is very similar to some of the other sites that I've actually done, reviews about sites such as Price Rebel and Feature Points, and Qmee they're all very similar.

You've also got Life Points and probably the most popular one is something like Swagbucks. So all of these are survey sites, and you can also access all of my YouTube videos about these sites. If you go to my YT account and go on to the Survey sites that pay playlist and then you can watch all the videos there and obviously this video will be added to that playlist very shortly.

How do you sign up? 

time bucks review

Obviously, it's free and easy to actually go and sign up. Click on the signup button and then you can either sign up with Facebook or you can just enter your email password and repeat your password and hit the, I'm not a robot box and then the sign up now button.

Okay and that's all free and then go straight over and then you'll be it added into the Timebucks dashboard.

So once you're on your dashboard, you actually get a one-dollar bonus just for signing up guys. So straight away you've already got a one-dollar bonus.

It automatically pays out when you reach the $10 minimum payout. 

So as soon as you reach 10, then you automatically get paid out to your desired payment method. Now, payment methods include things like Payeer and a bank transfer, so you can actually have it transferred directly to your bank. Obviously, there are a few more such as tango card, Skrill, and Bitcoin there as well.

You can also hold your payment, so you don't have to actually have it paid out straight away. So just click on hold my payment and it won't automatically pay it out or you can add it to Timebucks advertising and you actually get a 10 bonus when you do that.

If you had 10 in there add it to your advertising balance and then obviously you get 11.

So that's how easy you get paid out. 

How do you actually earn your money?

timebucks review dashboard

Go to the dashboard and, as you can see, you've got various ways you can earn. Straight away here it's giving you a daily goal list. Or you can run the sweepstakes software for 60 minutes and earn that way.

Complete three push clicks to complete three slideshows. Attempt a task or complete three full surveys as well as completing an offer from an offer wall.

So if you do all of these you're going to end up with 25 cents, so as you can see guys, not a lot of money, so don't panic!

If you want something that is going to pay you more money and you're going to earn more cash, such as amounts like $43, $138 as you can see, these are much bigger earnings and if you want to learn how I do that, then check out my free seven day, email boot camp, it's completely free and I'll send you, through a seven-day, step-by-step guide of how you get set up and get started starting earning these sort of commissions and also you'll, obviously have other great tips and tricks as well, from then on afterward.

So if you're happy to continue with your Timebucks, there is another way you can earn money. You've obviously got your surveys, content tasks, sign, ups, Tic Toc, offer walls, aliexpress links, sweepstakes premium, etc. These are where all your tasks will be.

You have got an advertising button, so you can actually look and do more advertising, so you can get in front of more people.

Finally, as you can see from the top here, you've also got a referral tab. So, by referring other people, you actually get a 15% commission from everyone that you actually refer. So that means, if your referral earns $10, you will earn 1.50 in commission and you will also earn fifty percent of each roll bonus that your referrer wins. Meaning if they win a ten dollar bonus and then you will also win five dollars.

Plus you can also earn a ten percent commission on any advertising funds that get deposited by any user. So again, if they deposit hundred dollars to advertise you'll get ten dollars.

Okay, so all you have to do, it's very, very simple, is obviously choose what page you actually want to advertise and then just click on the link copy that link, and then invite friends.

You can promote this also through Facebook, Twitter WhatsApp or you could add a link to your emails and things like that as well. There are various ways. you can do this and, like I say this is a site that is only going to get you a few bucks per month, but it is totally legit and it's totally paying out. So it's certainly one that you can go and join and start earning from today.

I hope you enjoyed that Timebucks review. If you did make sure you drop me a comment below and share so others can benefit too.

Remember, if you want to earn more money, then obviously by all means grab my free seven-day, email Bootcamp. Where I go through every step that you need to take to start earning bigger commissions, also, don't forget, if you haven't already subscribe to my Youtube channel too, make sure you hit that notification bell, and then you'll get notified every time I make new videos.

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