Tube Mastery and Monetization By Matt Par Course Review Plus Exclusive Discount

Welcome to today's video/article and in today's video/article we are going to be looking more in depth into how you can make money on YouTube and specifically we're going to be looking at Matt Par's, Tube Mastery and Monetization course.

We're going to show you some of the results I have got since taking the course and also going to show you inside the course.

I'm going to show you a breakdown, of exactly what you get within the course, and the support you get as well, which I certainly haven't got with a lot of other courses that I have purchased.

So if you're looking to make money online and you're looking to YouTube to make money online, then keep reading.

Read right to the end, I'll also show you where you can go and get a massive discount on the course itself.

Okay, so, let's head over to my desktop and we'll go through the course bit by bit and show you exactly what the Tube Mastery and Monetization course is all about:

Before we head over to the actual course I just want to show you some of my results that I have achieved so far.

I bought the course in March 2021 and, as you can see, April 2021, these are my results from my analytics now. This is a channel that I already had working and I had it monetized, but obviously made tweaks on exactly what Matt suggests doing in the videos, to bring it in line with what he's saying, works and has been tested. Also you can see from the first half of the month, I didn't even make a new video, so I didn't even upload any new videos, because I was basically going through the course.

I have also built a second channel as well, which I'm not going to show my face on. So if you are looking to do YouTube - and you don't actually want to put your face on a video, then this is the course you need to get because Matt goes through everything you need to do, including if you don't want to show your face on camera.

youtube analytics tube mastery

But let's get quickly go through and, as you can see, for April after making my tweaks, my impressions were up eight percent, my click through rate was up twelve percent, which is phenomenal uh. My views were up even better to thirty three thousand, which was a seventeen percent rise on the previous month, and my unique viewers was up even further 22 percent on the previous month.

So, as you can see, the results speak for themselves and I'm recording this at towards the end of May, and my figures have stayed roughly the same: okay, so they've evened out and now I'm trying to create more videos. 

Let's go and show you a little bit more about the actual course now...

If you're looking to get the Tube Mastery course you can actually get it at a fantastic price here.

I'm going to share that price right at the end of the this article, so stay tuned right to the very end and I'll share that price with you.

But this is basically what you would get when you click on the link.

You come through to the sales page.

The sales page, as you can see below, is "how I run nine different, profitable YouTube channels and make six figures from them" and remember out of these nine, eight of them he does not show his face.

 It's only his main channel that he shows his face.

So if you don't want to show your face, then this is the course that you need to be taking guys.

youtube mastery and monetization course

You get a lifetime access, so once you've got the course, it's a lifetime access, so it doesn't matter whether you're really busy and you're going to take the time to do this or whether you want to just literally go for it and try and get it done and start making money as soon as possible and you can, yeah, even if you're a new channel, you still can make money off the bat.

He shows you strategies that you can actually implement using affiliate marketing to actually do that. 

So, as you can see loads of great stuff here - and he says, you get the overview, blueprint, choosing a niche, setting up a channel, uploading videos, as you can see it's all in there guys it really covers everything:

I'm going to go through inside the actual course very shortly, but I just want to point out that when you actually get this course guys, you can actually try this course for free there we go look.

tube mastery money back guarantee

This is what he's got... a 100% money back guarantee, so it doesn't matter whether this cost a thousand dollars, five hundred dollars, whatever it costs.

 1. You're going to get your money back because you're gonna be making money on your YouTube channel, 

 2. You get 60 days, yes 60 days, to actually try the course and if you're not happy with it, he'll give you a 100% money back refund.

So you really have got nothing to lose guys. You really haven't.

That said, let's go and dive in a little bit more into the actual course of what you actually receive.

youtube mastery and monetization products

Okay, so we come into the members area here and, as you can see, we've got the Tube Mastery Monetization 2.0.

We've got other products in here as well. We've got his old tube mastery course, which you can access to as well.

There's a tube FAQ, which is all the, frequently asked questions, tube secrets here, which is a step-by-step program designed to help you get started with YouTube the right way.

You've got YouTube case studies as well, and there's also another course here guys, which is all about the VidIQ plugin extension that you can actually get to help you with your keyword, research, and lots more too. Matt mentions that in the course, but he gives you a whole course about that and goes through that as well.

Now we're not going to go through that today,

But we are going to show you inside the Tube Mastery one.

tube mastery and monetization

So, as you can see here, we are now come right into side. The actual course and, as you can see, on the left hand right hand side here, there's 73 lessons and, as you can see, I've completed all 73 and it really is a detailed course. Whether you are a beginner or whether like me, you've already got a YouTube channel up and running, and possibly even monetized. 

This course is still for you. You can still learn an awful lot.

This is someone who's actually earning thousands of dollars per month from YouTube. So why wouldn't you want to go and tap into all his expertise and knowledge, because he does share absolutely everything with you. 

Grab your copy of Tube Mastery at a huge discount by acting today, with ZERO risk.

As you can see here, the step-by-step checklist video. If you click on this actual video, you will see that the videos are really well laid out, really well set out as well lots of great information and, as you can see underneath it, he shares different links to various spreadsheets and checklists which you can then download and obviously print off and have at your disposal every time you make a video or you want to set up a new channel.

matt par youtube mastery

There are loads and loads of videos here, they're all like eight to ten minutes long. Although there are a couple of longer ones.

But they're really easy to just literally watch a video and then go and implement it, which is what I was doing on my channel and, as you can see earlier, the results I actually got on my channel were amazing.

Just by implementing things that i'd not done on my channel that he says you need to do, and by doing that, as you can see, the results speak for themselves.

Matt also shows you how you can go and create videos. He also talks about scaling and outsourcing. So you could get to a point when you're not even doing any work for your channel at all and then all you're doing is literally taking in the money.

How cool is that... 

bonuses youtube mastery

Now he's also got some bonuses here as well, so there's a full list of all the bonuses in this section. A list of the software and tools that he uses, personal brand secrets, and how doing this just directly on your phone, meaning you don't even need a laptop or anything like that.

He goes through that and it also covers businesses and taxes. That sort of thing that you do need to know about, but obviously you can then just outsource that to an accountant, if you need to so, as you can see, the course is really well covered.

What I also want to show you very quickly is...

The support you get.

I want to just say about the fantastic amount of support by Matt himself as well. That is the important thing because a lot of these gurus, they sell you these courses and they say.

You get full support and I'm in the group - and I'm doing this and all you find that admins are answering your questions, and it's not the actual person themselves, but as you can see here from one of my posts Matt has answered and we've got Matt answering and actually replying to all the actual comments and questions you get in here.

Great job Matt...

tube mastery facebook group

Matt has got over 3 000 members in this private group, and there's obviously loads of positive stuff going on, as you can see.

Different people posting great results on their new channels as well, but the good thing is that you're, basically seeing Matt in here every single day. So if you want to ask a question, you know that it's going to be answered by Matt himself as well as other people who've got experience and have been here a while.

They are answering questions too.

But Matt still finds time to come and answer as well, that is phenomenal. I've never seen that really before and any of these courses that I've bought before so another good plus to go and try out, Matt's, Tube Mastery and Monetization course.

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner, whether you've already got a channel made up whether you want to put yourself in front of the camera or whether you don't want to put yourself in front of the camera YouTube, is an absolute phenomenal way to make money online, and especially these days.

Matt normally does his course at $997 and to be honest, if it was $997, it is still a phenomenal course for $997 and well worth the money.

But, I'm going to show you that if you act today you can get it at an amazing discounted price.

I'm actually not even going to tell you the price, because I want you to go and actually click on the link below and find out the price and just check what a great saving, you're, actually going to get just by taking action today and going to actually check out the course.

Now if maybe you're, not quite ready. You want a little bit more information of how Matt does his course and the sort of thing that he goes through.

Well, he does do a free webinar, which you can actually go and check out. You don't have to buy anything, it's all totally free. You can go and watch that first before you then make the purchase, but, like I said guys, this is a 100 percent money back guarantee, so you're not going to lose anything at all for going to have a look, even if you go and take the whole course. Take away whatever you want from it you could still, after 60 days, get your money back so, like I say, go and check out the price below by hitting the link.

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