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In this Binance Review we are going to be talking about Cryptocurrencies and we're going to be talking about how you can go and earn them trade them all sorts of things to do with the Cryptocurrencies and we're going to be looking at a full review of a site called Binance. I'm going to go through the website and do a full Binance Review. What you can actually get from the website and how it all comes together. 

Let's crack straight on right now,

Binance for a start was founded back in 2017. It was based in Malta and since gone on to be the most reputable, trading platform for Cryptocurrencies and, it says you can buy and sell Crypto in minutes.

binance review

So, even from the front page here, as you scroll down, you can actually see what the market trends are. As you can see, you've got various different Bitcoins here now BNB is to do with the Binance's own currency. 

You've also got Bitcoin, Ethereum and loads of different markets here. If we open up the full tab, so you can see there are absolutely loads of different Cryptocurrency that you can actually trade. So this shows you all the different ways you can actually trade the different pairs.

It shows you, the last price, the 24 hour change the 24 hour high and the 24 hour low the market cap. If there is one and a 24 hour volume.

So all of these things will become clear if you've never traded Cryptocurrency before don't panic, because one of the great things about Binance, is we're going to have a look, they have got a actual academy here. 

binance academy

If you go across to the academy it basically tells you whether you're a beginner or an advanced person, there is some great videos and articles and that inside the Binance academy.

So if you want to go a little bit further into it, you can actually go and just press on the wording which says beginner, and this will then bring up all the information for beginners and, as you can see here, a beginner's introduction to Crypto economics - and it's only six minutes long, so they've got some great training here for people who are just beginning trading, Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies.

This is a great place to go and start now.

Joining Binance is free, so you can get a free account when you join, and then you can get access to this training. How cool is that...

So a couple of other things as you can see, there's loads of different other bits and pieces within this tab. Actually, if you go to the like the Rubik's cube as I call it and then drop down, you've got exchange.

So that's a good one. Obviously the academy we we've actually just touched on. There are other things such as broker institutional services, or even charity cloud.

I want to talk about the trust wallet, which is the Binances official Crypto wallet, because you will need a Crypto wallet when you actually go and then trade the currencies, because you'll need somewhere to actually place it. There are loads of different wallets out there, certainly do your due diligence on that. I'm not going to go too much into wallets in this article because i'm going to talk more about the Binance side of things, you can go through all those and have a look on those too once you go, and you want to buy your Crypto. 

You can do this either through bank deposit, or you can use a credit card or debit card, you can do P2P trading and you can do cash balance and you can do third party payments.

Okay, now just be aware that, there are some fees when you make a payment or a deposit. So just just have a look and see what fees there are make sure you're happy with those before you obviously then proceed.

If you then wanted to go and look at trading, there are different ways you can actually go and trade you can convert, which is probably the easiest way to trade, there's the classic, the advanced margin, a PtoP and a stock token. Which is actually a new way to trade stocks with Crypto.

If we just look at the convert - and the easiest way you do here is you've got your portal here, you just want to convert from one particular actual currency to another.

So that's the easiest way that you can actually go and start trading with your Cryptocurrencies. You've also got the classic, and this gives you a lot more information. You've got various different prices, etc, which are on the left hand side here. Obviously, you've got charts with your candlesticks and all that sort of thing, and on this far side here, you've got two different amounts on different trades.

That can be done at the moment. This all looks very, high-tech and that, but it isn't once you start getting into it. It's very simple and, like I say you can use their training on their training platform and also stay tuned right to the very end, because I'm also going to give you a place where you can go and get some other free training all about trading on the Cryptocurrencies and they actually go through in their training all about using the Binance actual platform.

Another great thing you've actually got with Binance.

It's called a SAFU which is Secure Asset Fund for Users, which basically means that if you actually ha your balance of Crypto within Binance, when you are trading, if it happened to get stolen or anything like that, they will then use that fund to then replace anything that does get stolen.

So, once you've got stuff within the Binance platform it is totally secure and you're never ever going to lose that, even if they do get hacked or your account gets hacked or anything like that, because they've got this SAFU in place, which is a Secure Asset Fund for Users.

They also do a savings account here, which is the Binance, earn section they do a finance pool as well. You can basically mine within a pool of people, so you can pull all your resources together and mine more effectively. 

By doing that, you've also got a better chance of mining more.

They do have their own Binance visa card as well, and this is fairly new. You can also get Crypto loans, and you can also do what they call a liquid swap and, as you can see a very good place and platform to go and earn Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

So definitely go over and open your account today and then go through some of the training.

I'm also going to give you another place where you can go and get some free training and that's a place called Icoinpro. This is free to go and join so check out Icoinpro training too.

By joining you'd have access to webinars and q and a's, and all that sort of thing which the Icoinpro actually produce on a weekly basis. 

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