Cryptocurrency For Beginners – Trade / Mine Bitcoin & Ethereum

If you are new to Cryptocurrency or you want to get involved in Cryptocurrency, then this article is going to be about Cryptocurrency for beginners.

I've recently started to get more involved in Cryptocurrency and obviously I've been doing more videos on my YouTube channel about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin especially.

These videos are mostly about websites that are scamming people, and there are so many around on the internet. 

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So, I went to discover more and trying to find more about it and some more legit sites of which you can go and actually learn and train about Bitcoin and also trade, Bitcoin and also mine, Bitcoin,

So keep reading to the very end of this post.

I've got some other videos. I want to give you which will go into more detail, but in this article I'm going to show you two sites that are totally legit, that you can use, and also one of them has got an awful lot of training on it as well.

Which is totally free to access so again, if you are new to Cryptocurrency and you're a total beginner, then this article is what you're going to want to read right the way through to the end?

Okay, let's go through both the sites for you, so I've come across a quickly to my YouTube channel and you can see this is a YouTube video I done a little while ago, a Bitcoin Pond Mining App review real or fake.

Well, obviously, it is a fake and I go through that in the video and, as you can see, I'm getting quite a few comments and people obviously, or can you do a review of this, can you do do a review of that?  

cryptocurrency for beginners

Obviously, I will get through to all of them in time if you've got anything in the Cryptocurrency niche, including apps and websites and trading platforms.

All that sort of thing that you want me to look at obviously put them in the comments below and I'll do my best to go and do a video or article about it and give you my opinion and and guys it is only my opinion. 

You know I can only show you what I actually see. I don't tend to go and join most of these sites because a lot of them you can tell from the website that they are fake, but certainly leave the sites below and I'll do my best to go through and do a review video for you, but obviously keep reading, because we're actually going to be talking about two websites that you can go and join today.

One that you can go and get a hell of a lot of training and you can also get a system that you can actually go and then start trading Cryptocurrencies for profit.

Also, if you're looking to just do more of a passive thing and do mining, then, I can show you exactly the same site. I'm using, that's getting me some dollars every single day.

Okay, so the first one I want to look over to is a site called ICoin Pro. I came across this one recently and, as you can see, this is more on how to trade with Bitcoin and other currencies.

You've also got the ICoin Pro training, of which some of this training is totally free, guys, you can go and grab that free training here. 

The sort of thing it goes through is... 

Understanding, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies,                                Where and how to purchase bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, How you can start learning money today from cryptocurrency trading through what they call their micro profit system. 

Okay, you've got access to other trade, finders and trading technology too.

Have a closer look yourself at the ICoin Pro.

I've done more of an in-depth look at this company. If you go to the company tab on their website you can see, you've got the founders here, so you've got Justin Clark and Paul de Sousa.

This is a great sign that they're actually putting their images, descriptions and names to the program. For a start, a lot of these other companies are hiding behind the website and not coming out and showing themselves.

I've actually gone and checked both Justin and Paul on Linkedin as well. They have both got really good decent profiles as well. So this tells me they are a totally legit company, guys and it's been around for a few years and they are helping people to learn to trade in bitcoin currency face to face.

So if that is something that you want to do - or you just want to learn more about Bitcoin and, what it's about then check out the ICoin Pro free training and then go on to they're trading packages.

You can actually learn to trade from as little as $9.95 per month guys, they do various different packages, but you can start from as little as under $10 per month which is amazing value, and by buying higher packages they give you a even more training and access to certain other things that you will help you to grow your Bitcoin.

Okay, I'll, be doing another video/article on the ICoin Pro going through the website and training, so make sure that you have subscribed to my YouTube channel hit the notification bell and then you'll get notified was the video is released.

So that covers the trading side, but what if you just wanted to do mining for argument's sake? Well again, the site that I would recommend and again there are plenty of sites out there that are legit guys.

These are just ones that I am recommending to you today, and again, if you are using other sites that are totally recommendable, then make sure you drop us a comment below and let us know what the site is.

 With ICoin Pro, they do give you some really good sites they recommend that they've actually done, their due diligence on as well. So, when you're inside ICon Pro. This will give you other sites to check out.

Back to mining Crypto.

I would certainly check out ScryptCube.

They are located in the UK and based in Scotland.  They've got two different mining plans. A one year currently at $4.90 and a two year at $7.50. Once activated they then accrue every day and you can either reinvest or transfer to your Bitcoin wallet. There are no fixed fees, and guaranteed up time, plus you can also refer other people to Scryptcube as well, which means  you can obviously earn from them as well.

The commissions you get are three percent for every purchase they make. Also every time they reinvest as well.

At the end of this article I will leave a video that will give you all the information about Scryptcube. It will show you how it all works and how I've actually pulled money out. plus how I'm earning Bitcoin from it every day now.

Okay, so make sure you check that out as well. Both these sites are very easy to sign up for they're, totally free with Scryptcube just click on the sign up button and then fill in your email address and a strong password. And then you agree the terms and click sign up. Once joined you can go and choose the package that you want to start with. You can start with just one package, guys that's just five dollars. There are some, fees that you would have to pay for your crypto wallet, but even so, just over five dollars will get you up and running.

You can then start mining bitcoin on a daily basis, and this really is mining that you can set and forget. It can be working for you in the background and you don't have to do anything with it. So if you are brand new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, then obviously this is great.

Even if you are just mining check out the ICoin Pro free training, you can set up and activate your free training account here, won't cost you a penny. You get some really good training from Justin here as well, he walks you through quite a bit of stuff and it's all 100% free.

You can then upgrade to different levels, with more training in the future. Ideal if you want to start trading.

If you're new to this I'd certainly recommend taking the training. So you can learn more about it, rather than just go on haphazardly into all these different sites that are promising you all these different things and, as you can tell once you've done this training you'll be able to tell that a lot of these sites are scams straight away, and can avoid losing money.

Okay, so again, here is a link to this training and all you got to do is go and fill in your first name last name: email address, and then just click learn more button and this will open up your account you're going to create your account and then you can go and get your free training guys.

Remember, if you know of sites that you are using, that are producing you good earnings and they are totally legit, then put them in the comments.

These are the two that I would recommend myself but always go and do your due diligence because remember if you're investing anything, investments can go up, can go down so there's no guarantee at all of making any money, so all you've got to do is make sure you've done enough due diligence and then that is going to stand you in good stead moving forward.

Okay. So if you found this useful, then make sure you drop us a comment below, and share, so that other people can benefit from this as well. 

If you are new to this blog, make sure you bookmark it and also check out my YouTube where you can subscribe and hit the notification bell then you'll get notified every time we make new videos. 

Okay, that's it! More on Scryptcube in the video below. 

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